Bring in Traffic in Sneaky Ways While Staying Legit

Guest Post by Laurence Flynn From Host Nexus |

Who doesn’t like a little bit of ninja marketing now and again? The fact is, we are all hardwired to want to make things easier on ourselves and with a few extra tricks you can pull in some very nice traffic for your web site without doing anything that’s wrong – technically. These tactics are not black hat SEO by any means, but white hat? Well, that will be up to you to decide, but at least one of them comes from a multi millionaire, so they can’t be that terrible. Let’s just call this off-white for now. This is a brief little workshop of super sneaky techniques that will bring you in a few thousand extra visitors a month in the very least, even if you have a very hard to advertise site. Still, if they are going to work you do not want to use these techniques on adults sites or things that might genuinely offend your average viewer simply because these people can also make sure all of your advertising goes down at once. It is your responsibility to be smart about things and not simply suck in the most possible traffic whether it is relevant or not.

The risks of using these sneaky little tricks are pretty low, but it is still a good idea not to tick people off over the web. After all, the Wild West vibe is still in full swing and you never know who knows who. Use these tactics to get your site visitors, but use it sparingly and in addition to your regular forms of advertising and SEO. These tricks can’t do everything for you, but they sure can do a great deal if you take the time to think out what you are doing. If you are sick of getting your comments deleted on blogs or having your videos yanked down off sites like Metacafe or Google Videos because they are too promotional, then you are in luck because these little tricks will teach you how to really get your game on and be a true webmaster sensei highly skilled in the art of digital subterfuge marketing – which is a term we just made up.

“If you Google…” – This little trick can work wonders as long as you rank number one on Google for a keyword phrase of some sort. Make absolutely certain that you rank first because that is where 90% of people click when they are looking for something. Instead of trying to get your site’s domain name into a blog comment or mentioned on a forum somewhere, why not just tell them to Google “Monkey butter” or whatever it is that your site ranks for as far as keywords go. This is a brilliant strategy that will have people curious and as a result, the number of searches for your targeted keyword are going to go up. If you are running Adsense then you might find you get a few more advertisers, too, if you can actually boost the number of searches with a cleverly placed ‘If you Google’ bomb. Pretty slick, right?

Site Name as User Name – This is not all that difficult for most people to think of, but it really does work. If you use your site’s name, such as “” as your user name, this can be a nice way to attract some positive attention to your site. Obviously, you want to leave comments or make forum posts that add value because otherwise people will think you’re just another promotional jerk that doesn’t care about participating and is merely spamming their favorite hang out spot. Be careful with this one, but you can sometimes find a way into YouTube or Twitter or various other popular places using your site name, also. If you can’t use the period, then be even sneakier and try this out: “yoursiteDOTcom”. It’s the same trick people use to fool the e-mail harvesting bots that trawl the internet looking for e-mail addresses to give to Viagra spammers.

Torrents – Ah, the torrent websites and services category of the net. This is a hot bed for pirated software, stolen movies and illicit music, but you know what? People still use it. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. So can you. Simply put together a video that you swiped from somewhere, something popular that people are looking for. Don’t taken a music video that belongs to someone else, just take the a popularly searched for keyword and create a slide show or even a scrolling text video that is actually related to the keyword in the video’s file name. That way, when someone searches the torrent site, they see your video because it was part of the keyword they typed in. People look for books and all sorts of things. They type in whatever interests them, just like they would use any other search engine. If you plug your site in a brief video that talks about or shows pictures of a certain keyword phrase then you can entice them to visit. This is an extremely powerful way to promote a website if you use it properly. You may need some friends to help you seed the first torrent, but after that it may well take on a life of its own if you have chosen the correct keyword.

Complain About Your Site – Ever done a search for something and seen some websites or Google Adsense ads talking about it being a scam? Well, there’s a reason for this. People often search the web for different things to see if they are real products or services or if they are simply yet another money grubbing scam. People search for complaint forums and they generally love to roll in negativity more than pigs love rolling in mud. Use this to your advantage. Try some reverse psychology out on them and see if you can’t get some people to leap to your site’s defense after you purposely go say how much it stinks in public – while pretending to be someone else, of course.

Punk Google Image Ads – Ever heard of a guy named Frank Kern? His ‘Cousin Trey’ came up with this neat idea for super cheap Google Ads. If you need to advertise your site, but you don’t want to pay two dollars a click to get traffic, try this: take a screen shot of your ad and create an image file of it that you can use as a banner in a Google Image Ad. Clever, no? This lets you pay a tiny fraction of the cost per click that you would pay if you had to use the old fashioned contextual ads from Adsense.

You can come up with more than these, but they get you started thinking in a smart way and can boost your traffic super quick, too. Remember, stay ethical but it’s okay to have some fun and be creative. Ninjas tactics can get your ads in nice places, but remember that ninjas would never paste ads all over the place – be sparing!

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