Bing, Bing, Bing — Time To Chill Out!

by Mark C

Probably the most important thing that Google have over other search engines in the western country isn’t its algorithm (pfff).  They may have one of the most advanced algorithms in the world but this isn’t the thing that makes there search engine what it is at the moment.  No quite simply it is the name.  Google has actually managed to obtain a place in the household of 100’s of millions of people as the terminology used for searching for something on the internet.  Instead of “search it on the internet” the term “Google it” became the most prominently used phrase for finding something online.

However have other companies been making advances to get incorporated into this usage?  Of course they are, in fact only yesterday Bing managed to annoy me by destroying the new series of “Hawaii 5 O” by squeezing in the term “Bing it” Errr *Cringe*.  You can read another review of it on a Hawaii 5 O recap:  Hollywood News

Mr Microsoft, you know who you are.  Don’t attempt to push a piece of terminology into the mouths of the public.  We want to make up our own colloquialisms, hang on I am getting a premonition – Bing **it.  

However it is difficult to get a big business corporation to change their marketing ideals, so they might as well carry on and get more and more people peeved with them.  Only yesterday I was talking to my Girl Friend about work and she knows nothing about the internet.  She even said that Bing was useless.  Knowing that she knows nothing, I asked why she thought this.  She replied, “It looks like a screen full of advertising, and its made by Microsoft”.  I never thought I would say this, but that made me LOL.

Anyway, back to the more important point that she made about the advertising.  Lets take a quick look at the search page:


The top section is already adding that “Banner” effect that you see on sites that sell links, and people actually pick up on this.  The box on the left is too plain (maybe they should airlift some of the stuff from the banner and place it here) it looks like text links or paid links.  Now we love the 4 listings in the paid section don’t we.  It may not take up any more room than Google’s but the more blue links we see the more off putting it is.

Would it be prudent to say that although we understand that Bing want a slice of the Google pie / pasty / cake / lasagne (you choose) they also need to calm down a little on the marketing front before they alienate the people they have managed to secure.

Well Good luck anyways Bing, if you can improve what Google have done, good on you guys!  Hell everyone knows that Google screw up the SERPS on a regular basis anyway.  Problem is, everyone knows who they are, because the public made them that way.

Mark C is an SEO that works for a French Ski Resorts Tour operator.