An Easy And Ethical Way To Get Links?

by Lyuben Georgiev

Search engine optimization is all about content. So let’s say you have some great content and you want to get links from it. The big question is not how to do that. The real question is how to do it easily and most effectively. Saving time is very important when it comes to linkbuilding. So what are the best ways to take full advantage of your fresh, unique and interesting content in order to get some great links?

Here are some of the tactics you can use:

1.       Related blogs – Let’s just assume that your content is created for a certain niche. This means that blogs that are about that niche are the perfect places where you should post your content. People will be more passionate about that subject, they will get more involved and will comment all the time. The easiest and fastest way to find those blogs that are related to your niche is to use Google. As simple as it might sound, searching for blogs on Google is one of the best ways to find the blogs you are looking for. For example, you can search for “top 10 gardening blogs” and then check each one of them individually to see if they are really the best ones. Then you can get to guest posting which will have a major impact of your traffic if you are persistent and do it correctly.

2.       Twitter – More and more people in the search engine optimization field use social networs like Twitter nowadays. Finding the right followers in Twitter is something you should try to do. Doing it the regular way usually can take a lot of time which you might not have. Fortunately, there is an amazing tool that can help you automate that process and make it a million times faster. Just go to and type a certain keyword in the bar. Then, the tool will search through a lot of Twitter accounts and show you the ones that contain the keyword in their bios. This is an amazingly quick way to find followers that will be interested in your content.

3.       Approach – Approaching people and asking them to link to you is a tricky thing to do. However, if you have the right approach you will succeed most of the times. The key is to be enthusiastic. Let the website owner know that you have read his content and you are familiar with his website. Make the e-mail a little bit more personal and you will achieve your goals.

Those are the 3 tested and proven to work things people who are into SEO can use in order to gain more links quickly. As you can see having great content is not enough. Publishing it to related blogs, tweeting about your post to people who will be interested and knowing the right way to approach site owners is what you should do to take full advantage of your content and get as many links as you can.

Lyuben Georgiev works for one of the most efficient SEO companies (in Denmark, the people refer to this term as Effektivt SEO firma) in Europe and he also writes for various blogs including Search Engine Journal.