A Sure-Proof Way to Have Your Blog Post Noticed by Many

If you’ve done it already and you can repeat the success of your previous posts without much effort, you can skip this article — if that’s the case, you’re probably a well known author or expert with many connections, or a voodoo priest. This post is for those who are dreaming to make a post that will go viral, and it’s so actionable that you won’t make only one viral post, but will keep producing them over and over.

You will need some time to brainstorm, a few lists to make and basic people skills. Well, you do need decent writing skills, it should go without saying. But it’s not the writing that we’re going to talk about today — there’s a much more important ingredient of viral content that we’ll focus on here, keep reading.


The first thing you need to figure out is the topic, and you’ve probably seen this a thousand times already: it has to be trendy, controversial or inspirational (or all of it if you get lucky). But here’s the catch: it also has to be something that you can write at least five different articles about — that is, five different great articles. Take a different angle in each one, or divide the topic into smaller segments.


The first one is with article ideas.

The second one, with different headline for each article. The headlines are very important, they will decide on whether your articles will get a click through, so make them irresistible to potential readers. If you’re having trouble with this, check LinkBaitGenerator.com for some great ideas.

The third one is the list of blogs to guest post on — and now we’re talking about the most important ingredient: contacts. Yes, content is important, but you have to get the word out somehow, don’t just sit there and expect people will find it. Make a list of the most important blogs in your niche, those that have authority (for links) and loyal readers (for traffic). Huge Twitter following is a must.

Now take the lists and have another brainstorming session: if you have more blogs than article ideas, come up with more article ideas, and this time think about which article would be the best choice for each blog. You’re not writing the articles yet, only developing the concepts — you’ll probably not going to get a guest post opportunity for all of your articles, so keep the ideas and use them later on your blog as a follow up; you’ll tweak them more easily for your readers if it isn’t completely written.

People skills and timing

Now it’s time to contact blog owners. We’re talking about manual outreach here, it provides much better results than the services in this particular case. Contact everyone on your list and send them article ideas. Timing is crucial, so make sure that you arrange with blog owners that all your articles go live at the same time, even if it means that you’ll have to wait two months before they get published (popular blogs have a large queue of posts, and two months is pretty much the usual time frame for this).

Why, you may ask, your posts should go live at the same time? Because when they do, people will have the impression that you’re everywhere. That’s what making your name is all about: if people see your great posts on several big blogs within the few days, they will notice your name and perceive you as a new shining star, and will want to read more from you. That’s also why you’ve written several posts around the same topic — you’re now the expert on that topic. Neat, huh?

The final step

Ok, so you got your name out. You probably guess what is your next step: two or three days after your last post went live, publish the last article on your blog, email the blog owners to thank them and to let them know that you’ve just published the follow up article that you believe their audience may like. That’s it. Don’t ask them for a tweet — if they perceive that article as something their audience will enjoy, they will tweet it on their own.

It is possible that you won’t nail this at first try, some bloggers may need more time to get to know you in order to be confident enough to tweet your posts; but stick to it, and you’ll get there. You see, it’s not all about content — there’s something in relationships too, so start working on them. You can thank us later.

A successful blogger is not always the one who creates best content, but it always is the one who’s connected with the right people. Jeff Gross knows it’s important for global success, but also for local websites such as nPromote.