7 Tips To Improve Your Business Website

The vast majority of businesses have their own websites but most of them are not performing as the companies had hoped when they had them designed. While there could be various reasons to blame for this, in many cases, the problem is with the design and organization of the website.

For instance, some websites have a ‘Contact Page’ with no trace of information available, or a five-minute introduction that consumers cannot bypass or even a product purchase links that lead consumers nowhere. Nevertheless, with just a few tips companies can be able to re-organize and re-design their website in such a way as to avoid common pitfalls of a business website.

What not to do

  1. One of the most widespread pitfalls of a business website is automating everything on the website. Instead of automating, the company should personalize. When tracking its metrics, the company should never hold back from reaching out to consumers in a cost effective way such as free surveys. Most businesses are surprised by what they learn from the surveys.

Often, consumers have useful suggestions and reviews that help the company to improve its products, services or customer care. Before even the company can begin developing information, it should pay keen attention to visual design and architecture of the site. These vital concepts should come from the market rather than the marketers. An ideal site should show understanding for both expressed and unexpressed will of the market.

  1. Another thing businesses should avoid in their websites is making it all about how great the business and its people are. For the website to stimulate page-turning traffic and captivate its target audience, it should provide viable solutions to their problems, answer all their questions, and tackle their concerns.

By identifying the personas of the buyers and anticipating the needs of your demography, the company can shape its website content to offer practical solutions and useful information. Allowing information to become stale will also kill traffic to a company’s website. Websites that are regularly updated are easily found on search engines. The company can also make the website enticing by including relevant podcasts and articles that offer tips to consumers.

  1. Business websites should also not ignore its basic elements. For a business website to succeed, it has three principle aspects, which are going out to be found, engaging and following up. Countless business websites pay attention to all only one element, which is going out and being found, and ignore the other two.

Business website owners should call their visitors to action by encouraging them to take part such as calling for a free consultation or buying online to obtain free shipping. The company should realize that the website is a business tool and thus use it to promote sales. Getting interactive is vital if the site is to hold traffic for a long time. Consumers expect the company to offer online benefits like paying for the items online or self-scheduling. The services help the company maintain a loyal clientele as well as keep the business open for 24 hours a day, all days of the week.

What to do

  1. Inform, incite, and entertain – A business website should serve the business it represents. Its appearance and content should be governed by its intent. The intent is determined by what the company wants from the website. The website should be designed in such a way as to incite the visitor into action.
  2. Tag your success – To improve a business website; the company must keep it organized, professional, easy to navigate through and easy to read. Furthermore, as the company grows, tagging its stature to the website will capture consumers’ attention as well as build a resume. It is also important to add features to the website that will allow visitors to share it on social media.
  3. Increase speed read – A simple yet effective way a business can improve its website is by enlarging the font size. This will enable visitors to read with much ease and quickly, as they do not have to struggle that much.
  4. Go mobile – More people access the internet with their cell phones than with computers. Thus, to reach more people a business website should be mobile-friendly. It is frustrating when it takes longer for consumers to access a site on their phones, which can discourage them from doing so.

Todd Ramos is a small business owner and internet marketer. He has worked with many seo companies in ct and now runs his own seo firm.