5 Web Design Disasters to Avoid at all Costs

Your website is often your first window of opportunity when targeting potential clients. If it acts as your first introduction, you want to make a lasting impression — for all the right reasons. Creative and professional web design can make the difference between browsing and buying.

With this in mind, it is important your website effectively combines usability and creativity. There are however, 5 design disasters that you should avoid at all costs:

1) Flash

Flash based websites can look attractive, but many people are unable to see your site. If they don’t have the right software, or it’s out of date, your website won’t show up. And there’s no guarantee that they will download the software.

More and more people are viewing websites on their mobiles and many of these don’t have flash capability. It is important to bear all of your users in mind. Flash based websites also take a long time to load as they use a large bandwidth.

2) Auto Sound

Blasting music at your visitors as soon as they visit your website is a sure fire way to make them leave again. Before adding any form of music to your website you need to ask yourself if it is relevant. If your site doesn’t have anything to do with the music, is there a need for it?

Forcing visitors to your website to do anything — either making them register before they can view the site, or listen to music that can’t be turned off — is the quickest way to make them leave again.

3) Navigation

Navigation is hugely important for any website. If your visitors can’t navigate the website easily, and find the information they’re looking for, they will look elsewhere. While creative and ‘out there’ designs make you stand out from the crowd, usability should always come first.

Clear navigation is a vital ingredient. You need to guide your users to the all important call to action, be it signing up or making a purchase. Make life easy for customers with site maps and breadcrumb trails if you have a number of heavily embedded pages.

4) Clashing Colours

Along with poor navigation, dreadful design and clashing colours are major reasons why visitor leave your website. Just because you use certain colours in your logo and brand identity, it doesn’t mean they will always work as a background colour on a website.

Consider how people are viewing your site. With desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets, it is important your colour scheme is clean and crisp. Your website needs to match your brand identity, but also work for the web.

5) Small Font

Similarly with the colours used on your site, overly small fonts are a big turn off. While a smaller font may work for the smaller screen of a smart phone, it won’t always work on a desktop. If visitors find themselves straining to read the small text on your site, the chances are they won’t bother.

It is easier than you may think to benefit from effective website design. It is also easier than you may think to lose out as a result of poor web design. Do your research and work with a developer that has your business in mind.

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