5 Ways Webmasters Encourage Content Sharing

by Lyuben Georgiev

Quality content is very important when doing SEO and particularly link building, however, if your content is not shareable, you might not achieve the results you are hoping for. Optimizing websites is one thing, but you should keep in mind that content also need to be optimized. Here are the 5 ways to improve the share-ability of your content in order to achieve better results and hopefully get more links.

1.       Formatting and structure – This is one of the most important things when it comes to optimizing content and making it shareable. You should consider formatting your content as if you are making link bait. Divide the text into paragraphs and make it easy to read. You can use a bold font for the parts of the text that are very important but don’t overuse it.

2.       Accessibility – This is the next thing you should think about. Is your content accessible? Keep in mind that a lot of people nowadays use their mobile phones to go on Twitter or Facebook and a lot of them also share content with their friends. Keep in mind that not every mobile internet provider offers a fast connection. People don’t like to wait so make your content load faster. Make your content easily accessible from mobile phones and the different kinds of browsers. It is important that everybody can access it easily.

3.       Language – The language that you use to write your content is very important. Of course, not everybody knows English but if you can at least make an English version of your content, you should do it. Remember that most of the people nowadays, especially the powerful ones, people with huge accounts, who can share information with a lot of other people, usually speak English.

4.       Single page or multiple pages – Sometimes it might seem like a good idea to split your content into multiple pages. This is good, especially if your content is very big, but using only a single page, makes your content more easily shareable. You can also split the content into a couple of pages but provide the single page option as well.

5.       Title – Yes, the titles is one of the most important things about your content. That is the first thing people will see about your content – its title. Think about it – what would you do if you see a very boring title – you won’t keep on reading. So the content might be the best but if the title is no good, not many people will even consider reading it. That means that they will not share it. Come up with a good title and you will increase the chances that somebody shares your content with other people significantly.

These are the 5 ways to make your content more shareable. Keep these tips in mind and you will achieve great results that will surprise you. These 5 steps are effective and they have been proven to work.