5 Tips For Keeping Visitors On Your Site Longer

by Lee Dobbins

Getting visitors to your site is one thing, but keeping them long enough to turn them into customers is quite another. The longer a visitor remains on your site, the more they “get to know” you and the likelihood of them becoming a future customer increases. Not only that but Google knows how long people stay on your site and they take favor upon those sites that can retain visitors longer by pushing them higher in the search engine results.

So, as you can see, keeping visitors on your site longer can have a big payoff — here are 5 tips on how you can achieve longer visitor retention:

1. Write Engaging Articles

No one wants to read a dry, boring article that sounds like your ninth grade economics essay and there’s nothing that will have visitors hitting the back button sooner than a poorly written, unexciting article. What you need to do is engage your visitor so that the want to keep reading. Make your article entertaining, add some humor and always keep the focus on the reader. There’s nothing that people like reading about more than themselves or how something will benefit them so make sure you identify with the reader in your article and they will likely hang on your every word.

2. Add Some Visual Aids

Text can be dull, so why not add some pictures or even a video to your page? There’s nothing like visual aids to keep readers interested and on your page longer. Videos can be great, especially if your article is a “how to” piece where you can show them the steps in a video. Pictures, graphs and other illustrations that help drive home the point of your article can be a huge benefit for readers.

3. Add Relevant Links To Other Articles On Your Site

If your blog is focused on one niche or market, it’s a pretty sure bet that some of the things you are talking about in your article are actually expanded upon in other articles on your site. One thing you can do is link to these other articles from within your article. I don’t mean to clog up the article with reference links, but a few here and there can help the reader to know that they can click to another article to find out more about that particular topic. Also, adding links to other related articles at the bottom can help keep them on your site reading more of your stuff. Of course, in order to get them to want to do that, you have to pay heed to item #1 on this list and write engaging content in the first place!

4. Have Good Navigation

What’s the reader going to do once they finish your article? You want them to read more articles, right? Well, that’s where good navigation comes in! If you have a well organized navigation bar on the top and on the side then your visitor will be able to easily skim the links to see what else interests them. Also, providing links at the bottom of the article, with a sentence telling them what to read next can be quite helpful. Bad navigation only causes confusion and people that don’t know where to go next, often hit the back button right off your site so don’t underestimate this important piece of website design.

5. Focus On Informing Not Advertising

I see a lot of new bloggers make the mistake of clogging up their site with every possible banner or adsense block possible. The theory is that the more ads you have the higher your chances of making money but the truth is that you could be losing money in the long run in favor of a quick click. All these flashing banners and ads can distract the reader from actually reading your article and, once they click the ad, they are gone forever. It’s much better to focus on the content and make the ads secondary, that way you may win a reader that comes back over and over again and eventually turns into a life long customer.

Keeping visitors on your site is all about building a relationship and letting the visitor know what you are all about. Writing great content that informs, entertains and enlightens takes you one step further to forming that relationship that will earn you loyal customers that pay you over and over again. So, the next time you write an article, why not take the extra time to make it one that helps keep your visitor on the site longer — it could also end up adding money to your bottom line further down the road.

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