3 Free Ways to Generate Traffic Fast

Guest Post by Jonathan Scott from the Traffic Training Course |

In the world of online business we all know how difficult it is to find ways to generate traffic fast to our websites. In business in general one of the hardest things to do is finding and retaining customers.

In this article I’m going to break down 3 free ways to generate traffic to your website. After reading this I want you do go and do it. Don’t wait because you will forget and get caught doing something else. Print this if you need to.

Because the one thing I learned that is hard to do with an online business is to stay focus. We are always trying to look for the next best thing. But guess what. The old tried and true ways to generate traffic still work. No matter what someone “trying to sell you a product” is saying.

Let’s get to it.

Here are 3 free ways to generate traffic fast:

1. Press Release Marketing: Most people feel that submitting press releases is only for the big businesses. Or they have to have some earth shaking news in order to submit press releases. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Anyone with something to tell can submit a press release. How news worthy you make it will determine how far it goes on the internet.

The key is to write it from a 3rd party perspective. Press releases are not sales pages. You want to give some detailed information about what is going on in your business or your new product. List benefits, and who it’s meant for. Then at the bottom in your bio you can included where they can purchase the product or where they can get more information.

I put press release marketing first because you get traffic fast, sometimes within 24 hours. You can get a ton of backlinks to your site. And because search engines loves sites with a ton of content these sites are looked at as an authority site. So you can piggy-back off them and get listed on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo for SUPER competitive keywords.

press release marketing

press release marketing

You see the ultra competitive term “Video Games”. Google has placed a nice news section right in the middle for all to see. That’s where you could be sitting.

Some free sites to submit your press release are prlog.org, free-press-release.com, i-newswire.com, etc. Do a google search for free press release sites and start submitting to those sites first.

2. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a great way to generate traffic. Especially if you combine #2 & #3 on this list. Social bookmarking sites were created so you can access your favorite websites in one central location. These sites attract people looking for new things or news sites looking for new stories.

Your job is to make sure you’re there so they can find you. The trick is to submit (or bookmark) things that particular site likes.

Take DIGG.com for instance. Digg has a large number of visitors to it’s site per day and has built a nice community of people who are constantly checking the site for new things. If you look at the trends on Digg the most Dugg (as they call it) stories are things like news stories (press releases and articles), videos (#3 on this list), or controversial topics like politics.

You want to follow the trend for the larger social bookmarking sites as they can bring a ton of traffic. Just think, if your video or press release gets to the first page of digg, your web server will probably crash from the floods of traffic coming in.

The tactic you have to take with Digg is you have to comment on other stories and participate in the community. Let people know you’re there so you can build relationships and they can start commenting and moving your submission up as well.

Digg is probably a social bookmarking site you will want to spend some time on.

Submitting to social bookmarking sites is also a great way to get backlinks to help your overall search engine rankings.

Other social bookmarking sites to submit to are stumbleupon, del.icio.us, reddit, mixx, bebo, etc. You can find more by doing a search.

3. Video Marketing: You’ve heard of YouTube right? I thought so. Youtube will now become your friend. Most people don’t know this but YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world. The World! It beats out Yahoo (a major search engine), Wikipedia, and Twitter.

YouTube gets more searches per day than most search engines. That’s right people are actually searching for things directly inside of Youtube.

You can take advantage of this. You don’t even need to be or hire a professional videographer. Do you have a PC? I bet you have windows movie maker on it and didn’t even know you had it. That’s all you need to create videos. If you like you can buy a $20 usb microphone from Walmart and narrate your videos.

One thing people do is turn their articles into a video. You can take any article and use windows movie maker to make a presentations. You can record yourself just reading the article. You can combine your reading of the article with photos or text. Or you can just put up the text as the video. Get creative. But look to Youtube as a major traffic source.

OK I think I have filled your head with some really good ideas. I could go on for hours about different ways to generate traffic fast. In fact I have. Check my bio.

Jonathan Scott is an internet marketer who has been helping local small businesses get better search engine rankings and driving more quality traffic to their websites. He has a free gift for you. 1 hour of traffic generation audio training. Just go to Traffic Training Course Audio Training to download it.