3 Core Principles for a Successful Internet Marketing Business

by John Komatsoulis

Are you struggling trying to sell your product? Have you tried everything but nothing works? Forget what you’ve learned in the past and will start fresh today. Today is a new day and you’re going to succeed in internet marketing because the past does not equal the future. Let’s take a bold new step together and FOCUS on the activities that will generate you an income.

You may have noticed that I bolded the word FOCUS, it’s this one powerful word that will help you accomplish great things in your business and your life. I strongly believe in the power of focus, without it you will spin your wheels never to see or feel success. It doesn’t have to be this way of course, you just need to take the right steps in order to get the results you’re looking for.

Wondering, what you should focus on?

Let’s work on 3 Core Principles for developing a successful internet marketing business

1 — FOCUS on your customers problems:
You may have a great product, but it’s naïve to think that everyone is your potential customer. In order to get profitable results, it is important for your marketing to be very specific. You need to attract those that actually want your product. Let’s pretend you market a weight loss program, it’s safe to say that your customer is trying to lose weight. Rather than making a general statement like lose weight, focus on talking about your customer’s problem. By focusing on your ideal customers problems, you will have a lot less selling and a lot less convincing to do.

2 – FOCUS on mastering one marketing strategy:
Marketing is complicated enough without you trying to successfully master multiple strategies. Don’t get sidetracked by everything that is a happening online and focus on mastering one strategy at a time. Whether you choose to market your business using PPC, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Article Writing, Radio or even the Newspaper. Whatever form of marketing you decide to do, it’s important to do it consistently so that you can monitor your results and improve upon them. Then once you’ve established your business using one marketing method, it’s at that time and only then can you move on to incorporate another strategy.

3 – FOCUS on the follow up:
You probably heard this a million times, but the fortune is really in the follow up. Following up with your potential customers is the most important part of your marketing funnel. Everybody is different, but rarely do customers buy on the first date. Would you try to score on the first date? :)

Like a new boyfriend or girlfriend, customers need to be romanced and pampered until they become more relaxed and more open to your offer. Using an auto-responder service like MailChimp (Free) or Aweber (Paid), you MUST send a follow up message to your customers at least once every 7 days. People receive hundreds of e-mails per week, and it’s important that your name is on one of them every week. Now that you have people on your list, you should not try to sell them with every e-mail. Doing so is a surefire way of being unsubscribed. It’s important to provide your list with valuable tips, which will pull them towards you and your offers.

That’s it, the 3 core principles of a successful internet business, are not a mystery anymore. Having developed two successful businesses of my own, I promise you that if you FOCUS on these 3 principles, your business will see tremendous growth today and into the future.

Will you implement these ideas into your business? Leave a comment below and please share this article with anyone you feel who will benefit from it.

John Komatsoulis is a 23 year business consultant and coach who teachs marketers how to attract customers with simple but powerful strategies. He is the CEO and founder of the internet’s premier educational community and his own personal business blog The Networking Dad