Evaluating Your Web Designer

by Warner Carter

Web designers are everywhere. You can see their profiles and portfolios all over the Web, all saying they’re the best in town and they can give you the website design you need. There is nothing new to this. However, this ploy has victimized lots of people because most of these designers know nothing about real web design. The aesthetics of web design can simply mean giving your site a clean, organized, and attractive look. When it comes to creating an SEO-friendly website, though, aesthetics is not the only factor to consider.

The availability of these novice SEO web designers online hurt may be a disadvantage for many online businesses. Many start-up business owners think that web design isn’t a part of the SEO process, because SEO is concerned with content alone.

An SEO-friendly web designer doesn’t sacrifice your site’s aesthetics just to get your site to the top of search engine results pages. The funny thing is that some SEO-knowledgeable designers compromise website aesthetics for the sake of SEO. This is not a sound SEO practice. In SEO web design, one principle must prevail in every designer’s mind: “Forget aesthetics and you’ll lose site visitors, disregard SEO and no one will visit your website.” Aesthetics and SEO aspects should always go hand in hand.

The perfect SEO-web design approach

SEO providers should consider every project unique. What works for other websites may not work for yours. There are design firms that avoid targeted research because it is time-consuming and expensive. These firms prefer to recycle the tactics they used with their previous clients, even though your website may have different needs to meet.

Many website designers tend to evaluate your website without sincerity. They just look at your website and recommend you to have its design overhauled. Website designers may reason that some web design campaigns are more effective when the site is completely redesigned, rather than when parts of the existing web design are improved. This is also one of the most common moneymaking schemes in web design.

The basic web design quotation involves the current website design and search engine ranking, a targeted keyword list, competition analysis, and other technical strategies such as reducing Flash-heavy applications and Java content. What starts the development of the website owner’s needs are the involvement of the latest SEO trends and up-to-date web design techniques.

Here are some characteristics of a reliable SEO web design firm:

· Supports White Hat SEO
· Transparent with any kind of transaction
· Does not charge high rates of down payments (i.e. more than the half of the full amount to be paid)
· Has an impressive, realistic, and credible portfolio
· Has a good online reputation

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