UK PM wants more killer drones, forces against ISIL

British Prime Minister David Cameron has told defense chiefs that the country should be spending more money on the Special Air Services (SAS) and drones to better combat the threat of ISIL.

While last week’s emergency budget saw public services cut, it included an unexpected announcement that the government will spend two percent of the GDP on defense until 2020. This is in line with NATO’s target for member countries and in real time would mean an increased monetary budget year-to-year.

In a meeting with defense chiefs, Cameron said the UK must protect itself from ‘evolving threats from extremism, Russia and cyber attacks.’

“Now we know how much we will spend, what matters next is how we spend it. I have tasked the defense and security chiefs to look specifically at how we do more to counter the threat posed by Islamist extremism. This could include more spy planes, drones and Special Forces. In the last five years, I have seen just how vital these assets are in keeping us safe,” Cameron said.

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