Drones coverage — 10 years of US strikes in Pakistan

Emmanuelle Smith

This week marks 10 years since the first US drone strike in Pakistan.

Bureau coverage of this anniversary includes an eyewitness account of the aftermath of that first strike in June 2004. Alice K Ross, who heads the Bureau’s drones team, went to Pakistan for our Naming the Dead project and writes powerfully about a previously untold story.

We also compiled an interactive timeline tracking what has happened in the decade since that first strike. The timeline, by Jack Serle and Alice K Ross, includes links to sources and data, and we hope it will prove an invaluable resource and a useful overview for anyone interested in the subject.

As ever, our work has also been prominently featured elsewhere this week, with an insightful piece in Rolling Stone, Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest US Drone Strikes, quoting our research.

Writers for The Conversation, a news and analysis site that draws on academia and research, have also used our work for two recent stories, New data shows drones killed hundreds of Pakistani Civilians and Resurgent Pakistani Taliban is winning its war on public space.

Reprinted with permission