Chávez condemns U.S. protection of terrorist Posada Carriles

Chávez condemns U.S. protection of terrorist Posada Carriles
Granma International

The United States’ harboring of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is one more example of how U.S. rulers are threatening the world, said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

The leader recalled, “It has been more than two years since we applied for the extradition of one of the worst terrorists in the history of the continent.” The U.S. has yet to agree despite the accumulation of evidence supporting the demand.

“He (Posada Carriles) is a terrorist”, said Chávez, “The whole world knows it, and the U.S. government knows it better than any one else, yet it refuses to extradite him and has only charged him with the violation of immigration laws. Now he is freely walking the streets of Miami.”

Chávez raised the issue during a press conference as he ended his visit to Uruguay as part of a tour begun in Argentina, also to include Ecuador and Bolivia.

“He has committed murder, planted bombs, trained terrorists and torturers, yet they accuse him only of violating immigration laws, even though Cuba has handed over exact details showing how, where and with whom he entered the United States.”

Chávez added that this was why Sean Penn (the U.S. actor) told him in Caracas that the rulers of that country were “a threat to the world”.