Boston Bombing Suspect Was Unarmed


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Despite initial claims, it has now emerged that the second accused Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was unarmed when he was shot and arrested by police.

Authorities claimed that Tsarnaev was heavily armed and fired shots at officers. The stated that  “he had fired from the boat” and that he was “captured with several weapons.”

They now admit that this version of the official narrative is inaccurate.

In an attempt to justify the shooting, police said “you can’t second-guess what they were doing on that scene. Their own lives were in danger.”

Earlier today, the mother of the two suspects insisted that her her sons are innocent and accused the security services of “needlessly and cruelly” killing her eldest son. She believes that her sons have been framed by the FBI.

Last week it came to light that the FBI interviewed Tamerlan in 2011 and  “did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign.”

  • Tonna Carlo

    Usually speaking, when a organized and trained terrorist commits an act as in these home made bombs, they know they will not get away. They do it and flaunt their Jihadist, or whatever group they belong to, Message in front of cameras so as to be public. The reason behind terrorist acts is to produce terror. It is to send a message to all who would hear or see that they wanted recognition for the act and to advertise what their message to the public and government really is and if they run and are killed by law enforcement it becomes counterproductive to their cause because they need to be encarserated and put into the judicial system for extended lengths of time to purvey their message. What these kids have done appear as to be militant kids with no structure or professional guidance. This can lead to inaccurate messages to the FBI because the FBI is there to stop any further terrorist attacks. The FBI in getting these wrong messages only act on the premise that its a Real Terrorist act and not some would be kids acting on their own. This leads these Professionals in the FBI to use every means possible to resolve the questions at hand in the investigations so as to place blame as soon as possible for the acts performed. When a Trained FBI professional is given inaccurate information he only acts on his training and if they are in the heat of a chase after a bombing with firearms involved, most will shoot first and ask questions later to protect themselves. Most FBI have family and are just like you and I. They do not want to be killed and leave their family. But in other cases FBI agents “Special Agents” trained to do specific jobs do things according to their job description. In the case of the kid shot in Florida what was the FBI Agents task? So what needs to be clairified is just what was this FBI Agents Job Description and who instructed him to do what job and if he went over his task description.