Free Houses for Sandy Hook Families


Bob Gorringe

On Christmas Day, 2009, in the town of Newtown, Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook elementary school was located, several houses were legally transferred for zero dollars ($0). Among the recipients of such largesse were three selectmen of the town, selectmen being similar to your city council members.

The other pieces of property, essentially Christmas presents, were given away to 15 of the 20 families who were LATER to lose children allegedly on December 14, 2012 in what has now become to be called the Sandy Hook Massacre by one deranged, autistic gunman.

Also as part of this Christmas cheer on that same day, two houses were transferred to the adult victims of that day, the teachers allegedly caught up in the massacre.

But it doesn’t stop there. Among the non-victims who received something from Santa Claus and including the 3 selectmen, Gene Rosen and the Phelps also had something stuffed into their stockings hanging over their fireplaces.

And even stranger than the strange, on February 8, 2011, Nancy Alanza, this mother of the notorious mass murderer, also was “gifted” a house for $0, all neatly deeded and legally registered.

On top of this, after the alleged horrific massacre, each family received $281,000. $27 million of money donated by caring American families was split up among the alleged victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

I am always frustrated and stunned by the reactions of so many Americans particularly, who when brought face to face to empirical evidence of criminal conspiracy, such as 9/11 and now Sandy Hook, immediately close down their minds, form a circle, and close ranks and attack anyone who questions the “official narrative”.

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    The most thorough explanation of the 12/25/2009 $0 house prices for Sandy Hook residents can be found with a Canadian researcher who made videos on the subject.

  • sharpin la

    There is never a shortage of dumb when it comes to cognitive dissonance and most will prefer to remain in the dark than face the light of truth.

  • David Mowers

    No amount of money can replace a person’s child. Nothing fixes that loss.

    • sharpin la

      You missed the part about these home “presents” being gifted to them years before the Sandy hook shooting. Naturally this means…cough cough…

      • David Mowers

        Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.