Greenpeace activists scale Bank of England

By Hannah Wooderson |

Activists from environmental group Greenpeace scaled the Bank of England building in the City of London today, calling on the Government to invest in “green” industries as part of the response to the recession.

Four campaigners used a ladder to climb on to the building, unfurling a huge banner which read “Green Is Good”.

Greenpeace said the stunt, ahead of today’s Pre-Budget Report, was part of demands for the Government to kick-start the economy by investing in a new green industrial revolution.

Greenpeace activists scale Bank of England in pre-report stunt

Executive director John Sauven said: “The Government, along with the private sector, must invest in a cleaner, more secure future for the UK – and the time to do that is right now.

“Kick-starting the economy with a green investment, which would be clever, clean and courageous, is backed by Barack Obama, the CBI, the UN, Deutsche Bank and other major corporations.

“Doing so wouldn’t just help the Government to escape the recession, it would also help us to finally escape our dirty and expensive 20th century energy system.

“It’s not just the UK economy and our energy security that will benefit from an investment in green energy. Hundreds of thousands of green-collar jobs will be created in the UK.

“We’ll become a world leader in cutting-edge low carbon technologies, and we’ll lead the way in tackling climate change and securing the future of our planet.”

Greenpeace urged the Government to do more to meet carbon dioxide reduction and renewable energy targets and to establish a Green Investment Bank to finance innovative green industries.

The group also argued that the UK’s offshore wind potential should be “unlocked” and said renewable technologies used in Britain should be made in this country.

Greenpeace added that every building in Britain should be insulated to make homes warmer, greener and cheaper to run.

Police were called to the Bank shortly after the protest started, but there was no attempt to make any arrests.

Greenpeace said the activists were planning to stay on the building until the Chancellor delivers his Pre-Budget Report later.