Tell the Dems to keep AT&T on the hook for NSA wiretapping

Having caved to the President’s outrageous demands for more spying powers in August, Congress is now considering extending this power grab and letting telco giants like AT&T off the hook for their role in the NSA’s illegal, warrantless surveillance of ordinary Americans. Legislation could be considered within the next 6 weeks! To help ensure that congressional leaders hear from the public, EFF has launched a new site, site makes it easy to pick up the phone and make your voice heard, by contacting Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and your own representatives. Demand that they agree to the following pledge:

Stop warrantless surveillance of ordinary Americans. Congress must stop the NSA’s domestic spying, repeal the “Protect America Act,” and ensure that whenever a U.S. person is the intended or unintended subject of surveillance, the government must first get a warrant.

Don’t legislate in the dark. Congress should oppose any expansion of spying authority until a full, thorough, and public investigation is complete.

Don’t let the phone companies off the hook. Congress must allow the courts to rule on the president’s program by rejecting efforts to give private entities immunity for illegally assisting the government’s spying.