Say ‘”no” to ID cards…

LOCAL Lib Dems are calling on Wirral Council to oppose the Government’s plan for ID Cards.

In the wake of the Government’s record of losing the records of 25 million people and rejecting proposals to improve the security of personal data, they are calling for a vote of “no confidence” in the plan.

Instead they say that the costs, which are estimated at between £5.5 billion and £18 billion, would be better spent on more police.

Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wirral West Councillor Peter Reisdorf is seconding the Lib Dems Notice of Motion at the full council meeting on Monday December 17.

Councillor Reisdorf, who has recently been out on a Friday night patrol with Police Community Support Officers, said: “Having seen their work at first hand, I have no doubt that our local Police do an excellent job, but more resources would help.

“Labour’s ID card scheme will cost billions of pounds. Law abiding citizens could have to pay over £100 each to carry an ID card. Liberal Democrats would cancel the scheme and divert the money to pay for more police.

“The Government’s record on IT projects is woeful and industry insiders are already warning that it will not be possible to guarantee the security of personal information.

“Under the ID Card plans everyone will have to inform the Government of any change to their personal details.

“Failure to do this could mean a fine of £1000.”