Local ID Cards would be another move towards a ‘database state’

New Labour think tank, the New Local Government Network, today calls for ID cards to be introduced and policed by town halls. Conservatives have attacked the proposals as another move towards a ‘database state’ and warned they could be used to increase taxes by stealth — through municipal fines for non-compliance and non-registration.

Eric Pickles, Shadow Secretary of State for Local Government, said:

“There is growing concern about Labour’s use of invasive ‘Big Brother’ computer technology — such as the council tax revaluation database and secret microchips in wheelie bins. Local residents will be even more alarmed that Labour think tanks are now lobbying for local bureaucrats to introduce and police expensive ID cards.

“Councils should get on with their job of emptying the rubbish and cleaning the streets, rather than helping the Government with its plans for a database state.

“The costs of such expensive IT scheme would inevitably force up council tax, and local residents could face a further stealth tax of penalty fines for not notifying officials of a change of name or address.”