Guerilla art protest against ‘surveillance society’

Jon Land


A Banksy-style stunt in the heart of London protests against Britain’s surveillance society – just feet away from a CCTV camera.

The huge graffiti, which would have taken some time to paint, standing several stories high, bears the slogan: “One nation under CCTV” in white capital letters.

The slogan is depicted being painted by a person on a ladder in a red hooded jacket, as a uniformed official with a barking dog films the action.

The guerilla artwork is located just off Oxford Street but Banksy has yet to say whether he was responsible.

A spokeswoman for the secretive artist said that she had not had official confirmation that the work was Banksy’s, but said it looked like one of his pieces.

A Banksy painting showing two children pledging allegiance to a Tesco carrier bag flying on a mast recently appeared on the wall of a chemist.