CCTV row breaks out in crime-free village

Daily Record | VILLAGERS are up in arms after CCTV was installed in an area where crime is almost unknown.

Nearly all of them have signed a petition to have the spy cameras removed.

Highland Council put the £1200 system on the village pier at Elgol on Skye along with prominent warning notices.

That followed arguments among local boat owners about berthing rights.

But residents say the camera system invades their privacy and overlooks the village beach where children play.

They say it also gives tourists the impression that Elgol is a crime blackspot.

Most of the 100 residents in the village have signed the petition, which will be presented to councillors later this year.

One of the organisers, Melanie McKinnon, said: “The beach is right next to the pier and it’s the only beach in Elgol, so children go to play there after they’ve been at school.

“Why should they be under 24-hour surveillance?”

She added: “On the first day the camera went up, 10 people went into the shop to ask about crime levels in Elgol.

“It’s embarrassing. People are asking whether it’s safe to leave their cars. There hasn’t been crime here in the 10 years Ihave lived here.”

The camera was installed after a dispute between the boatmen who compete to take tourists on trips to view the mountains and wildlife.