Britain tops data breach league

Britain has been ranked the worst country in Europe and one of the worst in the world for protecting citizen’s personal information, according to a new survey by an international civil liberties watchdog.

Only Russia, Canada and Malaysia have a worse record. These countries, along with the UK, were placed in the lowest category described as ‘endemic surveillance societies’.

The UK’s vast network of CCTV cameras, the Information Commissioner’s lack of power, and plans for the ‘most intrusive identity card scheme in the world’ all contributed to the country’s poor ranking.

Greece, Romania and Canada came out top in the survey by think tank Privacy International.

For the first time, Scotland has been given its own ranking and scored significantly higher than England and Wales. The report shows that Scotland’s identity policy avoids the mistakes of the English Government. The DNA database is not as open to abuse as that in England and Wales.

Jenny Hoffbrand