PROTESTERS dressed as barcoded robots to demonstrate against ID cards yesterday.

Dozens of campaigners gathered at Edinburgh’s new passport interview centre to protest against plans to keep personal records on file.

DavidMuxworthy, Edinburgh secretary of campaign group No2ID, branded plans to fingerprint applicants “sinister”.

He said:”People from large areas of the Lothians and Fife needing a new passport will be forced to travel to Edinburgh to be interrogated and fingerprinted and to surrender 49 pieces of personal information for the database.”

The centre, in the city’s Haymarket Terrace, is to open later this year and is one of 69 offices across the UK.

AHome Office spokesman said: “By asking applicants to come and see us we will be able to make sure people are who they say they are.”


Meanwhile, experts warned last night that terrorists could rig up a bomb that would only explode when a target’s ID card passed close to it.


The Royal Academy of Engineering also warned the Government that unless information on ID cards and biometric passports was encoded, it could be read by criminals with the right antenna and other equipment.