New Police “Sneak and Peak” Technology Exclusive

Zeik Heil welcome to Rochdale, have you anything to declare?


Smile! You’re on fascist candid camera! 

Shocking new technology allow police to film inside your car, it also sends and retrieves information about you in seconds. 

By J A Blacker MSc IMI (Science Correspondent) and Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News


Driving along Queensway, Rochdale, UK, we came upon what I can only describe as some sort of Nazi style road checkpoint. The car was parked up immediately to allow us to investigate further.


Crossing the road I could see a 2-mile line of traffic, not much fun for motorists stuck in that, I thought.

As I got closer to the Nazi style checkpoint there were police officers just mulling about not appearing to do very much.

I observed the top cop supervising with the assistance of Customs and Excise.


These chaps were not happy to see me, I wonder why? Was it the fact they told me not to take their picture and I said, “It’s a public place I can take pictures all I like, smile”.

They become even more uncomfortable when they learnt a RINF Alternative News reporter was on the scene and demanded to see a press pass despite all photographs being taken on public property.


The guy who lost this car was less than happy, no insurance got him arrested and his car towed.


 This chap has dark windows, which breaks the law because the cameras can’t video the occupant’s private space.


This is the cop car that sneakily films inside your car.


This is the camera that records your private space inside your car and sends the registration and picture via wireless to Nazi cop HQ to be processed within 10 seconds.

This also means the police can now operate a mobile network of “intelligent CCTV” cameras within the UK as we slowly become the victim of a blanket surveillance program.


This is my car with the 911 was an inside job / Infowars sticker – I took it upon myself to formally use the pub car park for what it was originally intended prior to the fascist state taking over bid.


20 minutes after my first courtesy call, the Junter had shut up shop, only the removal truck remains — nice work if you can get it. Smile and say Zeik Heil! Welcome to Rochdale.