Hackers Steal Data From Former CU

FORT WORTH, Texas — OmniAmerican Bank, an institution that started life as OmniAmerican Credit Union before converting to a bank charter in 2005, has suffered a date security breach that allowed some of the bank depositors to have money stolen, according to local press reports.

The local media quoted Tim Carter, president of the former CU bank, as saying that the scheme was “pretty sophisticated.” Carter is quoted in the Fort Worth Star Telegram as calling the amount stolen minimal and that the former CU had fewer than 100 accounts compromised.

Nevertheless the bank has placed limits on some ATM and debit card transactions, particularly those outside the state of Texas and had reported to have reissued 40,000 debit cards.

According to the bank, the criminals were able to hack into the bank records and obtain card numbers and personal identification numbers as well as create new PINs. They then fabricated debit cards and withdrew cash from ATMs across Eastern Europe, including Russia.