When the truth the CIA tells us is a lie

There is an old riddle that goes “I have two coins that total 15 cents and one of them is not a nickel”.

The answer of course is that the other one is a nickel.

So we have a perfect example of telling a limited amount of truth with the intent to deceive and the effect is a lie. This brings us to Michael Hayden, the CIA Director.

He has acknowledged that the CIA has water boarded only three individuals several years ago and the CIA is prohibited from water boarding any more.

Now that seems like an honorable approach to a controversial activity.

What he failed to tell Congress was that they have been outsourcing interrogations to civilians who are apparently immune from U.S. laws (as Blackwater was and still is) and they are free to do whatever they please to whomever they please and wherever they please — a totally “results oriented” process not to be cluttered with details that might cause some level of embarrassment to the ostrich mentality of the executive branch.

Yes indeed, one of those coins is not a nickel, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the other one is.

James Prescott

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