What the media isn’t telling you about the Democrats

IN A MATCH UP with Giuliani there is no more than a 3 point difference between Clinton, Obama or Gore in our three poll moving average. What this means is that people are making their choices based on party rather than individual.

One thing could change this dramatically: if one candidate became an easier target for the Republicans than the others. And only one candidate is a logical contender for this dismal role: Hillary Clinton. Clinton is currently in a bubble of protection created by a media that steadfastly refuses to mention her sordid past. But if the bubble is burst – as it likely will be – by the Republicans after her nomination, it will be a whole different ball game.

There is simply no comparison between Obama and Edwards on the one hand and Clinton on the other when it comes to personal integrity. The former are far from perfect but it is likely that we have heard the worst about each. This is not the case with Clinton, witness the Chinatown funny money scandal that much of the media is choosing to ignore.