US has ‘democracy problem’: NYC mayor

The United States is confronted with a “democracy problem,” which might be solved through reforming national voting laws, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says.

“We have a democracy problem in this country, we have declining voter turnout,” de Blasio said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

“Our elections are governed by state law and for a long time,” he said, adding “we need to make a fundamental series of reforms”.

Many US politicians have sought “to discourage voter involvement and a lot of incumbents prefer a very small electorate,” he noted.

On Thursday, Gov. Chris Christie, a potential candidate for 2016 election, had an argument with his Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton over New Jersey’s voting laws.

During her speech last week, Clinton slated several Republican governors by name for trying to depress turnout among young and minority voters.

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