U.S. Intent on Isolating Russia from Europe

Michael S. Rozeff

Why does the U.S. beat what seems to be a dead horse: Crimea’s joining to Russia voluntarily? Washington keeps insisting on the restoration of Crimea to Ukraine, which clearly is not in the cards at all. And Washington will keep sanctions on Russia going as long as Crimea remains in the Russian Federation (RF). So, why do this? Why insist on something that has no chance of happening?

To Washington, this insistence looks like a free lunch. Washington has a way of isolating Russia from Europe and bringing Europe under firmer Washington control. This is evident in statements made by Merkel. One must regard Germany as a defeated nation and satellite of the U.S. The control of the U.S. is not 100% or tight in the sense of Germany being a province or state of the U.S., but it’s tight enough. Washington didn’t want to see Europe come under Russian influence via trade or related political-economic-military-cultural moves. Ukraine became the tool. Crimea and Ukraine are perfect ways for Washington to divide Europe and Russia. For years Putin attempted to build bridges to Europe. That effort has now been stymied by Washington, using Ukraine to fracture relations. When U.S. official Victoria Nuland said “F**k the EU,” it had deeper meaning than simply the U.S. choosing the next puppet to lead Ukraine. It meant that the U.S. was the lead player in this game and that Europe “belongs” to the U.S. It must not be forgotten that the “tri” in trilateral and Trilateral Commission refers to three regions: North America, Europe and Japan. Europe could not be allowed to fall under the influence of Russia. Peace could not prevail. This explains also why Washington has supported NATO’s expansion.

Isolation first, then pressures, and then subverting Russia itself. That’s the long-term thrust of Washington’s moves. This is why it will keep Crimea alive as an issue. And it will keep Ukraine alive as an issue too, attempting to make Russia take the bait of invading, which it has wisely not done to this date. To keep Ukraine alive as an issue dividing Europe and Russia, Washington can employ many pressures. And it will. It will not let this matter die or reach a negotiated stopping point. It will back further military moves by Kiev against the eastern Ukraine republics. The current cease-fire is almost surely going to prove futile, as the Rada passes conditions that do not satisfy the separatists. Even without much U.S. prodding and intervention, Kiev is itself capable of causing problems for Russia.

This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.