Shock: Why is Hillary terrified to reveal Goldman Sachs paid speeches?

Early on in what instantly became a heated CNN Democratic Debate on Thursday, co-moderator Dana Bash repeatedly spared with Hillary Clinton over her refusal to release the transcripts of her paid speeches to large Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and when Clinton ducked her questions, Bash told her that this is “not about the Republicans” she despises.

At the 18-minute mark of the debate, Bash turned to Clinton and first acknowledged that her opponent in Bernie Sanders has continually been “bringing up the speeches that you gave to Goldman Sachs.”

Bash then wondered how, if Clinton had nothing to hide in the speeches, she has declined to follow through on her promise to release them: “You’ve said you don’t want to release the transcripts, until everybody does it, but if there’s nothing in those speeches that you think would change voters’ minds, why not release the transcripts and put this whole issue to bed?”

Before trying to claim that a Senate vote by Sanders helped usher in the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Clinton smirked and stated that “there isn’t an issue” because “[w]hen I was in public service serving as the Senator from New York, I did stand up to the banks.”

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