Senate passes Iran review legislation

The US Senate has overwhelmingly passed legislation which would make it possible for Congress to review and potentially reject a nuclear deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

The legislation approved on a 98-to-1 vote on Thursday will allow for a 30-day review of any final agreement with Iran.

During the reviewing period, President Barack Obama would be able to waive those Iran sanctions, which were imposed by the executive branch. However, the president would have to leave in place sanctions that Congress had previously drafted.

The measure would also force the Obama administration to certify, on a regular basis, that Iran is abiding by the terms of any nuclear deal.

According to the White House, President Obama would sign the legislation into law if it also passes the House, which is likely to approve it next week.

Shortly after the Senate passed the legislation, House Speaker John Boehner issued a statement supporting the bill.

“This important, bipartisan legislation will ensure that Congress has a role in reviewing any potential agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” Boehner said in a statement.

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