McCain walking out on Bush?

In a sudden turn of events, Republican Bush-faithful Senator John McCain is distancing himself from the US president’s go-it-alone approach.

In a Wednesday speech at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, the presidential hopeful said just because he embraces US President George W. Bush’s foreign policy goals does not mean he supports his go-it-alone tactics.

“Our great power does not mean we can do whatever we want whenever we want, nor should we assume we have all the wisdom and knowledge necessary to succeed,” said the 71-year-old Republican.

The Arizona senator called for stronger ties with allies and stressed that the United States must lead by ‘attracting others to our cause’ and ‘defending the rules of international civilized society’.

“We need to listen – we need to listen to the views and respect the will of our allies,” he asserted, calling himself a ‘realistic idealist’.

The unexpected change-of-position comes as the Republican candidate has recently touted Bush’s policies on various occasions, saluting him as ‘a leader that has made this world a better, safer, freer place’.