Hillary Clinton’s private server target of cyber attacks: Document

Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which she used during her tenure as secretary of state, was the target of attempted cyber attacks from around the world, according to a congressional document.

Attempted incursions originated in China, Germany and South Korea after Clinton left the State Department in early 2013, the document, obtained by the Associated Press, shows.

The private server was unprotected for more than three months between June to October 2013 before Clinton employees installed a “threat monitoring” product on the network to enhance its security, according to a letter from Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

That means Clinton’s server was possibly vulnerable to cyber attacks during that time.

Sen. Johnson’s committee is investigating Clinton’s email arrangement and his letter to SECNAP, the company that provided the threat protection, seeks other documents relating to Clinton’s server and the nature of cyber attacks against it.


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