The Hidden Truth: The Rising Tide of “Global Racism” and Xenophobia

Based on polarizing events during the first month of 2015, it would appear that racism around the world may be increasing. Anti-Moslem demonstrations have taken place throughout Europe. Just one day prior to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, a Guardian article opened with “it has been a grim start for 2015 as far as European tolerance is concerned,” noting three mosques in Sweden set on fire during the week preceding the false flag terrorism in France. During the month prior to Hebdo, two-thirds of the Moslem association buildings in Sweden had been vandalized.

Three days before the Paris attack, a record turnout of 18,000 people in Dresden and other German cities marched in a Pegida rally demonstrating against Moslem immigration. Every Monday since last October growing crowds representing Pegida have taken to the streets in Germany in reaction to the influx of Middle Eastern and Arab immigrants into their country. It appears that xenophobia is on the rise in Europe and elsewhere around the globe. But before believing all the mainstream media hype, in both Sweden and Germany there were even larger counterdemonstrations advocating racial and religious acceptance, inclusion and tolerance. So fortunately not everyone is so dumbed down and easily manipulated by the lies and propaganda reported by mainstream media.

20 million Moslems reside in the 28 nations that comprise the European Union. Their share of the total population in Europe has grown from 4% in 1990 to 6% in 2010. And in 2030 Moslems are expected to make up 8% of the continental population. These figures documenting their growing presence in recent months and years has caused a backlash of increasing native ethno-Europeans expressing anti-Moslem sentiments through public protests, hate crimes and rising popularity of anti-immigration political parties and organizations. A recent poll of various countries in Europe indicates that the people overestimate the number of Moslems actually in their country. For instance, French respondents guessed that 31% of the French population is Moslem when in actuality only 7.5% are. Germans believed 19% of its populace were Moslem instead of the actual 5.8% and Americans estimated 15% of people in the US are Moslem when they actually represent just 1%.

These distorted perceptions that their countries have been invaded by darker skinned Islamic foreigners originating from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia have given rise to a growing anti-Moslem movement determined to take back their homeland. In reaction to the Sharia patrols enforcing Islamic custom in Muslim populated areas of London, white street thugs have begun springing up in the UK calling themselves Christians as they parade through the Moslem neighborhoods reasserting both their turf and will to show UK Moslems who their real boss and owners are.

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