Ziggy May’s Brexit Deal From Mars

Drawing by Nathaniel St. Clair

“Narrow, rigid, unimaginative, sly, secretive and wholly lacking in the political skills necessary to win over voters or build alliances, rarely can a leader have looked less suited to the task before them. This is the consensus view of the British prime minister….”

Robert Shrimsley

Only readers of The Financial Times would probably have heard of Mr Shrimsley. To have this writer on the staff of the rightwing FT, the UK’s equivalent of The Wall Street Journal, deliver this stinging and spot-on assessment of the Tory Theresa May’s handling of Brexit is somewhat startling.

A rightwing UK paper, like its American counterparts, is expected as a taken-for-granted formality to deliver the propaganda goods for whichever rightwing leader is in situ.

Something therefore is in the air. But what is its basis, and what on earth is Ukania doing about Brexit?

The Tories, who have been in charge of Brexit from the moment their ex-prime minister “Dodgy Dave” Cameron called for the referendum on leaving the EU, have never been serious about the complex processes involved in divorcing from Brussels.

The Tories are hopelessly divided on Brexit (duh!), which creates a fatal situational opposition between splitting their party (perhaps irrevocably) and achieving a Brexit deal in the purported national interest.

No one reflects these divisions more than May. She first voted Remain in the referendum. Then when Dodgy Dave bailed on politics rather…

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