Yulia Skripal discharged from hospital and taken to secret location


Yulia Skripal discharged from hospital and taken to secret location

Robert Stevens

11 April 2018

Without any fanfare or media reporting, Yulia Skripal, was spirited out of Salisbury District Hospital on Monday evening to a secret location.

The event was only made public Tuesday morning, when Christine Blanshard, deputy chief executive and medical director at the hospital, reported that Yulia had been discharged after making a recovery from being poisoned by a supposedly deadly nerve agent just five weeks ago.

Yulia’s father, the former double agent Sergie Skripal, remains in hospital but is reportedly well on the way to recovery.

The discharging of Yulia is only the latest event exposing Britain’s efforts to blame Russia for use of a military grade novichock to poison the pair. Novichok has been described as the most deadly nerve agent ever developed—“5-8 times more lethal than VX nerve agent” that was developed by the UK at its Porton Down military research complex.

It was only two weeks ago that British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the Skripals may never fully recover from an “attempted murder” on British soil organised by Moscow. Now both are well on the way to recovery.

The operation to move Yulia from the hospital was carried out with military precision. Sky News reported that with “Police guarding doors to the intensive care unit” where the Skripals were being treated, she was discharged in a “quiet and secret operation” to an unknown location where she has only “police and MI5 [intelligence] officers for company.”

This is not to protect her from Russia—the last thing Moscow would possibly contemplate is an attempt on her life—but to protect the UK government from any further exposure of its lies.

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