Young Ford worker sought UAW help before apparent suicide


Young Ford worker sought UAW help before apparent suicide

Jerry White

3 November 2017

A newly released police report details how 21-year-old autoworker Jacoby Hennings sought help from the United Auto Workers on the morning of October 20 before the young man, who was struggling to hold two temporary part-time jobs at Detroit area auto plants, apparently killed himself inside Ford’s Woodhaven Stamping plant.

Although the news media had dropped the story, writing it off as another workplace shooting by a “disgruntled employee,” the tragic death of the son of two Detroit Chrysler workers has struck a deep chord among workers angered over the cruel conditions facing this young man and other Temporary Part-Time workers (TPT). A World Socialist Web Site article on Hennings’ October 28 funeral has been viewed more than 50,000 times on social media.

The Woodhaven Police Department report was obtained by the WSWS Autoworker Newsletter through a Freedom of Information Act request.

According to the “Narrative” section of the 11-page report, Martin Hernandez, who identified himself as a Ford Human Resources manager, told officers that “Hennings came to his office this morning seeking advice because he was late for work.” Hernandez told the police Hennings was clearly disoriented and “was talking in circles.”

“Hennings requested to be taken to an office that did not have windows and wanted to speak with and [sic] African American UAW Representative. Hennings mentioned several times that people were out to get him.”

The police report says, “Hennings was taken to the second level to speak with Arnold Miller and Christopher Pfaff,” two UAW Local 387 officials who were in the union office in the plant. Miller, who is African American, is the Trustee Chair…

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