WWE’s Biggest Villain Character Is An Environmental Extremist

Champion has Eco-friendly title belt made of sustainable hemp, annoyingly lectures people about being vegan and recycling to save the planet

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
January 30, 2019

In a hilarious plot development, World Wrestling Entertainment’s latest villain champion is a vegan environmental extremist who carries around an ‘Eco-friendly’ hemp championship belt and derides fans who are ‘killing the planet’ by eating meat and guzzling gas.

WWE wrestling is a scripted and often ridiculed form of ‘sports entertainment’, but it regularly excels at holding up a mirror to popular culture, and in that success attracts millions of eyeballs around the globe.

Reports in the mainstream news today note that Daniel Bryan, previously a staunch fan-favorite for years, has undergone a character change to become the most hated villain in the company by radically amping up his apparently real life veganism and environmental concerns and (in wrestling character) shoving it down the throats of fans.

On the Smackdown show this week, Bryan unveiled the new title belt along with a lecture about how the old belt was a…

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