Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific


Indian garment workers demand higher pay, teachers demonstrate in China

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

2 June 2018


Chinese teachers protest

About 200 teachers demonstrated last Sunday morning at Lu’an in China’s Anhui province over unpaid performance bonuses. Teachers marched to the municipal government office with banners demanding payment of arrears and better treatment.

Hundreds of police arrived at the scene and allegedly beat some of the demonstrators. Sixteen were reportedly arrested. Photos and a video being circulated on Chinese social media show police officers pulling and shoving individuals as they try to escape arrest and a woman on a hospital stretcher.

Officials have claimed they do not owe the teachers any pay or benefits.

The strike comes a week after more than 2,000 teachers across the northern region of Inner Mongolia took to the streets of the regional capital Hohhot. Teachers from kindergartens and elementary and high schools demonstrated against the Chinese Communist Party’s widespread layoff of teachers, demanding reemployment, compensation and pension plans.

India: Karnataka garment workers to protest for higher pay

Over 400,000 Karnataka garment workers are threatening protests for immediate payment of previously agreed wage rises. In the lead-up to February’s state assembly elections, the then Congress government promised to increase minimum wages in the tailoring industry.

Congress leaders said unskilled garment workers in Bangalore would receive 445 ($US6.63) rupees per day, double the existing salary of 220 rupees, high-skilled workers 593 rupees and there would be higher salaries for other workers. Draft legislation for the increases, however, was withdrawn by the Labour Department in late March, after…

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