Workers honor young Ford worker who died at Detroit-area plant


“Like you, I want justice for Jacoby!”

Workers honor young Ford worker who died at Detroit-area plant

10 July 2018

Autoworkers from Ohio and Indiana sent greetings to the family of Jacoby Hennings, who held a memorial picnic in suburban Detroit on Sunday to honor the young autoworker who died at the Woodhaven Stamping plant on October 20, 2017.

Among the hundreds of family members, friends and co-workers at the memorial picnic were large numbers of Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and auto parts workers. Jacoby’s parents—Shemeeka and Bernard Jr.—along with several aunts and uncles are long-time Chrysler workers.

Mother Shemeeka, left, with Pat, Coby’s middle school teacher

The circumstances surrounding the death of the 21-year-old temporary part-time worker (TPT) have still not been revealed, more than eight months after his tragic death. Police and United Auto Workers (UAW) officials claim the young man pulled a gun on UAW officials during an unexplained “labor dispute” and then shot himself as police rushed him.

However, family and friends said Jacoby, affectionately known as “Coby,” was a well-loved and personable young man who had no reason to take his life. The case has generated widespread concern among autoworkers who are well aware of the oppressive conditions in the plants, particularly for TPTs who pay union dues to the UAW but have no rights.

The World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter’s demand for a full investigation has won widespread support from autoworkers throughout Detroit and in other states.

Below we reprint two messages sent to the Hennings family from two Fiat Chrysler workers:

Dear Friends and Fellow Workers,

I’m with you in spirit and join you in celebrating the life of one gone too soon. Jacoby’s character and…

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