Will #MeToo Implicate Justin Trudeau?

Is a “very, very powerful” politician about to be outed?

High-profile Liberal operative, Warren Kinsella, has thrown the Canadian political scene into high anxiety by stating a “very, very powerful” politician is about to be outed by the #MeToo movement.

When? Well, soon, apparently. Maybe within hours.

Those not in the loop can be forgiven for not noticing, but those who live in the bubble of federal and provincial politics are more than simply intrigued by the potential of a famous name being destroyed.

They are on the edge of their seats.

“There are other men who are about to be exposed. Count on it,” Kinsella recently promised. “The media have been on their trail for many weeks.

“Once it gets through the editors — once it is okayed by the lawyers — other men will be going down.

“It is overdue. It is needed,” added Kinsella.

“One of these men is very, very powerful. The stories have been known about him for three years. There are affidavits, plural.

“His name will shock you.”

It took such a grip on the political set that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked point blank during a media scrum Tuesday if he knew the identity of the politician Kinsella was alluding to.

Trudeau had a one-word answer: “No.”

Prior to that, the PM was asked if he had any skeletons in his moral closet as he reflected on all the politicians on the recent landscape — former Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown, for example, Ontario PC Party president Rick…

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