Why the Left Adores Trump

The Left worships Trump because he is an irresistible obstacle to their devotion to the victim-garbed Total State. For generations, mainstream Western culture has taught us that the cognitive dissonance we feel when we intuit the suffering of our inflationary debt bondage, elective wars, crony health care planning, welfare mental prisons, and cartel protecting rigged-ulations can be healed by socially showing perfect submission to ever-reforming Politically Correct thought, dress, and speech codes.

Trump’s view of state power is an anachronism, one that has deported less children than Obama and Clinton each but uses coarse communication to do so. One that wants to bomb slightly less countries than Obama, Bush, Clinton, but uses blunt gorilla chest thumping to sell bombs while they used aristocratic tears for mythic justice. One that might actually end some bits of drug war carnage that Obama, Clinton, Bush dutifully executed but ponders aloud about death penalties for drug dealers.

Obama deported over 2.5 million immigrants and covered refugee children in aluminum in dog cages and no Nazi-decrying mass outrage was heard. Obama killed more Muslims in immoral wars than Trump and the trendy set will still swear the former protected Muslims while the latter is their unmatched scourge. The selective outrage of the fashionable clique shows that physical violence does not register contagious concern when it is executed by Politically Correct personas.

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Trump’s child-like honesty about the vulgar, self-interested pettiness of statecraft is too much to bear in the presidency, the most sacred symbol of our identity. A mouth who speaks…

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