Why Should Someone Die Waiting for a Kidney?

The war on drugs is insidious. A kidney patient in Maine has been taken off a transplant wait list for using medical marijuana, even though both the medical and recreational use of marijuana is legal in Maine.

Garry Godfrey has Alport Syndrome, a hereditary disease which causes renal failure at a young age. He suffers from debilitating pain, nausea, and anxiety, which he treats with medical marijuana. “I’ve tried so many pharmaceuticals and none of them worked, but the medical cannabis does,” he said. “It helps me function. It helps me take care of my kids.” “You should not be discriminated against for the type of medicine you choose,” he added.

Godfrey was put on Maine Medical Center’s kidney transplant list in 2003. In 2010, Maine Medical Center adopted a new policy that “prohibits transplant candidates from using marijuana, due to the risk of an invasive fungal infection known as Aspergillosis.” Godfrey says he was informed of the new policy and taken off the transplant list.

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The hospital says that “once off marijuana, patients can requalify and get put back on the hospital’s wait list.” State lawmakers are considering a bill that would prohibit Maine hospitals from “rejecting transplant patients solely for using medical marijuana.” Godfrey even testified in support of the bill, which is now in committee.

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It is a shame that using marijuana—even for medical reasons—may ruin your life. It is an outrage that it may cost you your life. Not, of course, because of the marijuana, but because of society’s reaction to the use of marijuana.

Let’s assume for a moment that the risk of infection is the sole reason…

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