Why number of US troops in Afghanistan doesn’t matter much

President Barack Obama announced last week that the US strategy in Afghanistan has changed again, slowing the drawdown of US forces in the country. He even bragged about why he constantly reviews his strategy in Afghanistan, changes commanders, and makes adjustments, saying he is “guided by the facts, what’s happening on the ground.”

His speech — before his departure for the NATO Summit in Warsaw – was nothing less than an epitome of rhetorical and oratorical elegance and linguistic ability of the US commander-in-chief as his Janus-faced narrative of the war in Afghanistan did manage to obfuscate the kludge Washington calls the War on Terror. Let’s review some of the facts that are claimed to be the basis of Obama’s “adjustments.”

The Bush Doctrine

The events of the September 11, 2001, ensured that the foreign policy would dominate the political arena of the opening decade of the century. According to reports, al-Qaeda-affiliated…

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