Why Net Neutrality Is Necessary for White Advocacy

Since the recent announcement that Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is almost certainly going to do away with net neutrality when they vote on the issue on December 14, pundits on every side of the issue have been weighing in with their opinions. This contributes to the confusion of what is no doubt a very difficult, even slippery, topic. Pro-White activists haven’t been remiss in sharing their view and some circles have been inflamed by the debate, with a growing consensus that net neutrality is not good for our movement and we will be better off when the FCC gets rid of it. I will try to explain why they are dead wrong.

What is the Internet?

Judging from much of the befuddled commentary, it appears that we might benefit from a brief (and somewhat simplified) primer on exactly what the Internet is. The Internet is an actual physical thing; it isn’t some abstraction of software or websites or users, per se. At its simplest, it is machines (servers, routers, etc.) connected by wires (technically speaking, networks — hence the term Internet). These machines run protocols like the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), email, gopher, etc. One protocol, the HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) is king of the Internet. The websites that we connect to via this protocol, constitute the World Wide Web (WWW). Many conflate the WWW with the Internet — it’s important to remember, for the purposes of this discussion, that they are not the same thing.

What is Net…

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