Why is Canada’s pseudo-left rallying behind NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton?


Why is Canada’s pseudo-left rallying behind NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton?

Roger Jordan

16 September 2017

As the New Democratic Party (NDP) leadership race limps to its conclusion, Canada’s pseudo-left has rallied behind the candidacy of Manitoba MP Niki Ashton, portraying it as a golden opportunity to energize and radicalize this right-wing social-democratic party.

Fightback and Socialist Action, which both function as loyal factions within the NDP, have officially endorsed Ashton. The International Socialists and the US-based Jacobin magazine have boosted Ashton’s candidacy by devoting substantial space on their websites to laudatory interviews with her.

The pseudo-left is urging Ashton model herself after Bernie Sanders, the failed candidate for the 2016 US Democratic Party presidential nomination, and British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, with some explicitly appealing to her to become “Canada’s Corbyn.”

Sanders and Corbyn have employed “left” and socialist rhetoric to keep workers and young people trapped within parties of the political establishment, i.e., parties respectively of US and British imperialism.

Having won 13 million votes by pledging to lead a “political revolution,” Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, the preferred candidate of Wall Street and the military-intelligence apparatus. Corbyn has declared his guiding principle to be upholding “unity” with Labour’s Blairite right wing and, toward that end, has ordered Labour municipal councils to impose brutal Conservative government-dictated cuts and acquiesced to Labour MPs authorizing Britain to wage war in Syria and acquire a new fleet of nuclear-armed submarines.

In urging Ashton to play a like role, Canada’s pseudo-left groups are laying bare their own…

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