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After LewRockwell.com‘s publication of my article “Why Do Some Libertarians Support Social Security?” I received emails from older libertarians criticizing me for calling for the immediate repeal of this socialist program. Their critiques can be summarized in the following three ways:

  1. “For the last several decades, I put into the system and, therefore, I have the right to get my money back.”
  2. “For the past several decades, the state took massive amounts of my income, which has left me with little savings. Therefore, since the state has left me in a position of needing the money, I have the right to Social Security.”
  3. For the past several decades, in return for my payment of taxes, the state promised me that I would receive Social Security payments in my senior years. The state should be required to comply with its promise.

Libertarianism is a radical philosophy, one whose principles are internally consistent. Libertarianism cannot be modified or altered to suit changing circumstances or changing needs of people in society.

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The core principle of libertarianism is the non-aggression principle. It holds that it is morally wrong and illegitimate to initiate force against another person. It holds that a person has the right to live his life any way he wants, so long as his conduct is peaceful and non-fraudulent.

Social Security involves the forcible taking of money from a person to whom it belongs and giving it to a person to whom it does not belong. That constitutes a grave violation of libertarian principles. Under libertarianism, every person has the right to keep everything he earns and decide for himself what to do…

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