Who is Democratic Congressman Juan Vargas?


Who is Democratic Congressman Juan Vargas?

Kevin Mitchell SEP candidate for Congress

5 May 2018

Democrat Juan Vargas is seeking a fourth term in the US House of Representatives to represent California’s 51st Congressional district. The heavily gerrymandered district includes the southern part of the city of San Diego, a narrow strip of San Diego County, adjacent to Tijuana and Baja California, then opens up to include all of agriculture-based Imperial County, California’s most impoverished region, all the way to Arizona.

Juan Vargas

Vargas is favored to win another two-year term in the heavily Hispanic district (68.5 percent have Latino heritage, and Trump won only 23 percent of the vote in 2016). The Democratic incumbent faces competition on the June 5 ballot from three Republicans, an independent and the Socialist Equality Party. I am running against Vargas as part of the SEP intervention in the 2018 midterm elections in California, along with David Moore’s campaign for US Senate against Democrat Dianne Feinstein.

As we stated in announcing our campaign, the aim of the SEP is not simply to win votes in the June 5 open primary, but to win workers, students, and young people to the program of international socialism. In stark contrast to many so-called third party and “independent” groups, the SEP is not seeking to push the Democratic Party to the left or to reform the capitalist state, but to build a movement directed at replacing capitalism with socialism.

The SEP’s electoral campaign seeks to expose the rottenness of what passes for “democracy” in the United States. If the working class is to be mobilized in a truly independent party, it must know who its friends and enemies are, and there is no more dangerous enemy than one that calls itself a…

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