Who Has Been ‘Begging for War’?

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says North Korea’s tests of increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapons and missiles amounts to “begging for war.”

So THAT’S what testing increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapons and missiles is! Thank you for the clarification, Ambassador Haley.

Is that what the US and the other nuclear weapons states have been doing for the past 70 years? Perhaps now we have some inkling of how we have been viewed by the rest of the world as we have brandished weapon after weapon after weapon . . . ?

(The video above is a 3 minute version of all nuclear detonations since 1945. I invite you to watch the unrelenting sequence of thousands of nuclear detonations by the US and other nuclear powers unfold in the original 14 minute version, if you have the stomach for it.)

“I think that North Korea has basically slapped everyone in the face in the international community that has asked them to stop,” Haley said. Yes, well . . . .

What, then, is the opposite of this way of “begging for war”? Perhaps becoming a party to the UN #nuclearban? Perhaps that is what countries “insisting on peace” are doing?

Reprinted with permission from Scarry Thoughts.

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